EvoluBox® Fields of application

EvoluBox® can be applied in all areas in which several successive automated operations are carried out on parts or sub-assemblies. For example the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrics and electronics, plastics, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical, etc.

EvoluBox® work stations can perform a wide variety of operations:

Assembly :

welding, clipping, crimping, screwing, clinching, riveting, gluing, capping, heading, fitting, sealing, etc.

Marking :

labelling inkjet, thermal transfer, tampography, pointing, laser, engraving, etc.

Small machining operations :

Drilling, tapping, chamfering, deburring, etc.

Inspection :

force, torque, weight, tightness, clearance, continuity, shape, appearance, level, barcode, data matrix, video inspection, vision sensor, laser sensor, etc.

Packaging :

boxing, bottling, etc