The EvoluBox® Flexible Assembly Unit is made up of a standard 8 or 16-position revolving table insert supporting use of interchangeable automated workstations and configurations. The patented EvoluBox® concept also supports operation in linear transfer. Each station has its own intelligence and can be operated, adjusted and maintained independently from the equipment.

The standard base is equipped with multiple connections to enable precise and reproducible mechanical positioning of all workstations. Electrical and pneumatic power connections and station recognition are automated. The revolving table has multiple bays for positioning and fixing the interchangeable configurations which are also recognised automatically. All four corners of the machine are equipped with removable covers to allow for the automated inflow of selected parts or outflow of assembled components.

Without EvoluBox :

Small and medium series assembly operations are usually carried out on a succession of dedicated manual stations. Despite a low initial investment, their use and lack of flexibility prove costly in the medium and long term.

With EvoluBox :

EvoluBox® is a modular, multiprocess, multitasking, multiproduct system (see application domains). With EvoluBox®, you invest in a single piece of equipment which continuously adapts to changes in your products and fluctuations in your productions.