EvoluBox® revolutionises your productivity.

The EvoluBox® flexible assembly cell, based on an innovative concept allows you to constantly adapt your production tool to the diversity and developments of your products (see application domains).

EvoluBox® creates new possibilities for the automation of small and medium-series production by combining productivity, profitability, flexibility, quality, ergonomics and safety.

Multi task

8 or 16-station configurations can accommodate simultaneous operation of an ergonomic manual station plus multiple automated workstations.

All automated operations can take place in the background during loading and subsequent unloading of components by the operator.

EvoluBox® peut également être utilisée en tout-automatique, sans opérateur.

Multi product

Workstations and configurations are quick and easy to interchange.

This means that operators can reconfigure production completely in just minutes without special training, mechanical requirements or adjustment of automation mechanisms.

In this manner a single piece of equipment takes the place of multiple dedicated machines or workstations.

Multi process

Workstations mounted on the standard EvoluBox® base are custom-configured to adapt to all of your processes.

The potential applications are nearly endless :

  • Assembly (welding, clipping, setting, screwing, etc.)
  • Inspection (form, appearance, continuity, vision, laser, etc.)
  • Marking (labelling, ink jet, tacking, etc.)
  • Packaging,
  • Small tooling, etc.
Profitability generator

Increase profitability while also improving flexibility even for small and medium-series production

Make the most of your investment by distributing it over multiple products

Validate new processes and get new products to market faster and at lower cost using the same tools

Implement automation gradually to suit your requirements

Anticipate future development of your products and processes on a limited budget